Ars Electronica 1992
Festival-Program 1992
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'Klaus Obermaier Klaus Obermaier / 'Robert Spour Robert Spour

An Expedition to a New Sound and Light Wave Aesthetics
The musicians Klaus Obermaier and Robert Spour have been working together with the German laser artist, Friedrich Förster, for one and a half years on the interactive interlinking of music and laser. The German computer specialist Kurt Walz developed a special software for this project which, on the one hand, enabled the musicians to directly control the laser, and on the other hand, made possible a completely new kind of sound control by deflecting the laser jet as a result of the musicians' movements.

"The new world would exist of immaterials, that is, of digitalized information or synthetic colours and sounds which could be modified indefinitely, at any time. As a result, the former understanding of reality, related to the material object, would have to change and one would have to develop a new sensibility which is appropriate for the informalistic world."
Herbert W. Franke (Kunstforum Bd. 92, Jan. 1988)