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Board 1 (1989) – "Wiesers Werdetraum"

'Manos Tsangaris Manos Tsangaris

For two or three players at the table, radios, walkmen, string organs, torches and other sources of light

This piece takes place at the table and involves two or three players who are making the table resound visibly and audibly by simultaneously using it as an instrument and a mini-stage. They set the standard of sounds produced by light and sound and so connect two typical features of so-called Western civilization: generally speaking sitting at the table (daily: to eat, work, talk, be silent) and to plan and realize musical happenings in the form of a score, normally sitting at the table – come to that – when writing.

Table is an article in daily use with a horizontal surface.
The tangible sounds of a wooden table, particularly those that we normally overhear as our main hearing mechanism is apparently directed towards more important things, filtering out such extraneous noise, not wanting to unnecessarily flood our perception (as extraneous and secondary noises never end!). Here, they are thrust into the centre of attention and unite with the graphic dynamic lighting of the table and those sitting around it to form a web which does not separate the senses involved of the listener/observer. On the contrary, it places them in specific interrelationships.

The score of BOARD 1 is composed of numerous fields, (tangibly one page each which concerns and structures material or a parametric dimension or light process or the order of the fields, one with the other), which line up behind the other and can be folded up in each other (or can be omitted in individual cases), so that the fields in the piece interrelate like modules, which – corresponding to a variable form – are united, as it were molecularly, to constantly create different versions of the performance. From the table (board!) the former still and dark room defines itself again to become a board; for example there are the string organs whose threads can be pulled from one point and which make asymmetric light objects oscillate and spin, creating small light dances and figures within the room which transcend the frugality of their means by remote control.