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NICOLAS ANATOL BAGINSKY born in Gräfelfing, FRG, 1961. N. A. Baginsky works as an interior designer, set designer and artist and has founded the artists group "Gaga Debustion" in 1987. He took part in numerous exhibitions, e.g. "Möbel Perdu" in Hamburg in 1982 or "Quasi Human" in Amsterdam in 1989, and did performances in Great Britain, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. N. A. Baginski lives in Hamburg.

JEAN BAUDRILLARD born in Reims, F, 1929. J. Baudrillard was professor of sociology at University of Paris-Nanterres through 1986. He has translated works of Bert Brecht and Peter Weiss, has edited magazines ("Utopie", "Traverses" since 1975), has lectured all over the world, has written 17 books and lives in Paris.

BERND ROGER BIENERT bom in Vienna, A. B. R. Bienert was engaged at the Viennese State Opera and worked there as a choreographer and decor and custom designer. Since 1982 he was put in charge of several choreographic projects, e.g. for performances at the Salzburg Festivals, the Deutsche Oper in Berlin, the Viennese State Opera, the Stadttheater in Karlsruhe and in Basel and the Dresden State Opera. Beyond that B. R. Bienert works as a furniture and exhibition designer. B. R. Bienert lives in Zurich as director of ballet of the Zurich Opera.

ALVIN CURRAN born in Providence, USA, 1938. Since his childhood A. Curran has been involved with music and took piano and trombone lessons very early. Mozart, Gershwin, Th. Monk, Cage and Spike Lee are his mentors and he studied composition with Ron Nelson and Elliott Carter. Since 1964 he has his residence in Rome where he co-founded the MEV group with R. Teitelbaum and Rzewski. During the seventies he was involved with solo performance works which are combining recorded natural sounds with voice, flugelhorn, keyboards and synthesizer. During the eighties he wrote music for piano as well as large scale environmental works on rivers, lakes, in ports and public buildings. Simultaneously he created radio concerts for many European cities. Curran's works often invoke the transcendent anarchy of nature itself as well as its unceasing and indifferent experimental history.

JOHN DUNCAN J. Duncan is one of the rare artists whose work always stays on the edge: circulated in rumors, described as brilliant by direct witnesses, infamous by others, accurate by Duncan himself. In Tokyo broadcasts on the pirate TV and FM radio stations he built and operated have been spurred increased legal restrictions on media airspace and directly influenced a new generation of Japanese artists. In Los Angeles Duncan's work is banned from publication, taught in universities (graduate level only). The experimental FM broadcast series produced there by Duncan and Paul McCarthy, Close Radio, has become a model for producers of live radio in the USA and continues to be a point of controversy in the folklore of the station itself. J. Duncan now lives in Amsterdam.

JENIFER BACON J. Bacon studied at the Brooks Institute of Photography and at University of California in Santa Barbara film, printmaking and drawing. After this she worked as a designer at Ultrasystems Inc and as a freelance graphic artist and production assistant for commercials and features including special effects and animation and with Design Spectrum at Hermosa Beach, CA. Since 1987 she has worked as Art Director at Tygenhof & Partners, Inc and produces computer illustrations for scientific journals and magazines. J. Bacon lives in Irvine, CA.

BRAD DeGRAF B. deGraf heads a group of creative and technical professionals specializing in design, supervision and production of advanced media for entertainment and education. He studied architecture at Princeton University and holds a B. A. in Mathematics from the University of California in San Diego. He co-founded deGraf/Wahrman and was Head of Technical Direction at Digital Productions. Besides he was a lead software designer and programmer for the US Army National Training Center. B. deGraf has managed many adventurous projects, including a large body of computer generated stereoscopic films and motion base simulator rides, e.g. "Journey to the Fourth Dimension" for Sanrio Puroland, Japan. B. deGraf lives in Los Angeles.

JOHN CHACHERE J. Chachere graduated from High School in Berkley in spring 1987 and since then has studied at University of California in Santa Cruz, where he does extensive research in mathematics and computer and information science. J. Chachere lives in Santa Cruz.

GOTTFRIED MAYER-KRESS born in Gauselfingen, FRG, 1954. G. Mayer-Kress studied Physics and Mathematics at the universities of Göttingen, Tübingen and Hamburg and made his degrees in Physics and his Ph. D. in Theoretical Physics. He is visiting assistant professor at the Mathematics Department at University of California in Santa Cruz, guest scientist and affiliate at the Center for Nonlinear Studies in Los Alamos and consultant for The Santa Fe Institute, NM.

JOSEPH TAKAI Since 19811. Takai has worked as a designer and systems engineer in the field of computer technology and since 1987 he has been involved with research and development of computer graphics systems (data visualization, animation, design and computer analysis). He attended Fullerton College and University of California in Irvine. J. Takai is member of SIGGRAPH, NCGA, IEEE Computer Society and USENIX Association. He lives in Irvine, CA.

ARTHUR ELSENAAR born in Naarden, NL, 1962. In 1976 A. Elsenaar started with the installation of private TV stations and created a private pirate TV station in 1984 which used the first computer generated logos in the Dutch private TV. In 1980 he installed the first (in the meanwhile legal) radio station SWETS with art programs. He cooperated in two projects with the female artist Jack Breed in 1988 and opened 'Het Radiool', a shop for audio art products in Alkmaar. Since then he is producing twice a week a one hour program with the local radio of Groningen. In 1989 A. Elsenaar began to study at the Institute for Media Art at Minerva Academy and opened an art gallery in the former railway station at Groningen.

WOLFGANG FLATZ born in Dornbirn, A, 1952. After his apprenticeship as a gold and silversmith and after his courses of study in metal design Flatz went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 1975, where he attended courses in painting and art history. Since 1974 Flatz deals with investigations, works and projects in the fields of painting, sculpture, performance, video, photography, theater, music and design. He was as a visiting professor at the academies of design in Darmstadt and Linz (1988–1989) and in Tiflis and Leningrad (1990–1991). Flatz lives in Munich.

MELISSA GOULD born in Long Island, USA, 1958. The conceptual artist, photographer, writer and performer M. Gould graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1979 with a degree in photography. Extended stays in Berlin and Rome highlighted by travels to Eastern Europe have provided important stimuli for her work which consistently reflects strong preoccupations with time, memory, sex, death, childhood, imaginary landscapes and furniture. M. Gould studied performance art with Karen Finley and has presented two solo works. She has exhibited in Europe and the United States and has collaborated with Alvin Curran on many projects since 1979 including the production of "Maritime Rites", a ten part environmental sound piece for the radio. M. Gould lives in New York City.

ROMAN HAUBENSTOCK-RAMATI born in Cracow, PL, 1919. R. Haubenstock-Ramati studied musicology and philosophy in Cracow as well as composition with Artur Malawsky and later with Josef Koffler in Lwow. From 1947 to 1950 he chaired the Music Department of Radio Cracow, from 1950 to 1956 he was director of the Central Music Library and professor at the Music Academy of Tel Aviv. In 1957 he returned to Europe, worked at the Studio of Musique Concrète in Paris, where he was considerably influenced by Olivier Messiaen, and worked later on as an editor and musical advisor for Universal Edition in Vienna, where he settled. He still remained in the educational field as a guest professor in Buenos Aires, Stockholm and at Yale University. In 1973 he accepted a chair at the Vienna College for Music and Performing Arts where he had a composition class thru 1989. Besides his own activities as a composer, R. Haubenstock-Ramati devoted himself to the development of new forms of notation and musical graphics. He was awarded the Austrian State Award for Music and lives in Vienna.

KATHY RAE HUFFMAN K. R. Huffman is a free lance curator and writer in media and the contemporary arts. She is the European Contributing Editor for "Visions", a magazine about film, video and performance art. In 1979 she received an MFA degree in Exhibition design from the UCLB where she also completed courses in Museum Studies and Radio/Film/TV. From 1984 thru 1991 she was curator and producer of The Contemporary Art Television Fund which funded 28 projects, productions and commissions of new work that fostered excellence in the exploration of TV as a creative medium. K. R. Huffman has curated, organized, produced and toured numerous international video programs, e.g. "Video from Yugoslavia" for Artists Space, NYC, in 1989. "Relatives", a performance with video by artist Tony Oursler and writer Constance Delong was produced for the exhibition "BiNational: American Art of the Late 1980's". K. R. Huffman has published extensively.

FERENC JÁDI born in Töröcske, H, 1952. F. Jádi is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with the main emphasis on psychosis psychotherapy. He has been working as an active artist with media from his youth on. 1984 F. Jádi has emigrated to the FRG where he has worked in Berlin since 1987.

INGE JÁDI born in Ludwigshafen/Rhein, FRG, 1936. I. Jádi is doctor and has been working as a curator of the Prinzhorn collection of Psychiatric University in Heidelberg since 1975.

ELFRIEDE JELINEK born in Vienna, A, 1946, E. Jelinek was educated in Vienna, where she began her studies of art history and theater science at the university of Vienna. Later she broke her studies off and took organ, piano and composition lessons at the conservatory. E. Jelinek lives as a free lance writer in Vienna and Munich. Her fields of work are before all lyrics and prosa, she has written numerous radio plays and theater pieces as well as screenplays and translations from French and American English. E. Jelinek has received an amount of literature awards, e.g. the Heinrich Böll Award of the City of Cologne, the Award of the City of Vienna, the Honor Award of the Austrian Ministry for Arts.

ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI born in Cracow, PL, 1958. Z. Karkowski has studied composition at the State College of Music in Gothenburg, S, and sonology at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Den Haag, NL. Since 1985 he is actively working as a composer of instrumental and electroacoustic music. His music has been performed in many countries including such festivals as "Musik und Documenta" in Kassel in 1986, or "Töne und Gegentöne" in Vienna in 1989. He has been working as a guest composer at Ateliers UPIC in Paris and STEIM in Amsterdam.

RICHARD KERN in 1984 R. Kern, the creator of Deathtrap Films began self distribution on VHS of his Super-8 portraits of erotic violence, using New York City as a backdrop. He portrays a churning world where the realities of poverty and sex among desperate musicians, artists and scene makers, dictate a mutated parody of normal life styles. Consumed with bitterness and hatred the characters in his work stalk their objects of attention through the depths of Lower Eastside. R. Kern's productions are distributed to the New York underground in video stores and by mail order. He has been active in the development of various Zines, self publishing and distributing underground film information throughout the world and has become a cult figure. His works are distributed by ARTWARE/Klemm, Wiesbaden, and by Deathtrap Films, NYC, on VHS or 1/4" video.

DORIS EBNER D. Ebner was as a dancer at Teatro La Esfera Magica in Granada in 1988 and then worked with Barrie Stevens in Amsterdam. Since 1990 she has worked on Tango Argentino together with Dario Arboleda.

KURT HOLZINGER K. Holzinger is a member of STADTWERKSTATT Linz and was cooperator of the "Strasse der Sehnsucht" for Ars Electronica in 1986.

JUST MERIT J. Merit cooperated at the "Strasse der Sehnsucht" for Ars Electronica in 1986 and lived in the USA from 1988 thru 1989. In 1990 he cooperated with "STADTWERKSTATT TV" in Buffalo, NY.

BRAM RENSTROM B. Renstrom was cooperator of the NYC David Lynch "Industrial Symphony # 1" in 1990 as well as with "Van Gogh TV" for Ars Electronica in 1990. Since 1985 he has been a member of SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES and since 1988 at ROBOTNIK TV in Amsterdam.

LYDIA LUNCH Commencing at the age of sixteen as primal screamer and guitar guerilla for Teenage Jesus and Jerks, L. Lunch continued her assault on complacency music film, spoken word and writing. Her musical forays range from the swamp rock of the band Eight Eyed Spy to the haunting vertigo of 13.13. Her most recent band Harry Crews featured Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and toured Europe. She has collaborated with various bands such as The Birthday Party and has worked with Richard Kern to realize her personal vision of the roadmap of sexual violence and desire in two films. L. Lunch appeared in a number of films and did Kiss Napoleon Goodbye in 1990 for the Dutch TV. She has published books and comics. Her most potent and direct medium, the spoken word, has been documentated on the recordings The Uncensored Lydia Lunch, Oral Fixation and the compilation Our Father's Who Aren't In Heaven featuring her and Hubert Selby Jr. In 1984 L. Lunch founded Widowspeak Productions via which she releases her work. She completed Psychomenstruum, a feature-length film script and tours frequently the USA, England, Spain, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

PAUL DE MARINIS P. de Marinis has been working as a multimedia electronic artist since 1971 and has created numerous performance works, sound and computer installations and interactive electronic inventions. He has taught computer and audio art at Mills College, Wesleyan University, San Francisco State University and the New York State College of Ceramics, and has been a video game designer for Atari Inc and Scholastic Software. He has performed internationally and his interactive computer audio and graphics systems have been installed in Amsterdam and Chicago. He has been commissioned to create permanent computer audio art works for The Exploratorium amongst others and has been the recipient of major awards. Much of his recent work involves speech processed and synthesized by computers. P. de Marinis lives in San Francisco.

HANS P. MORAVEC born in Kautzen, A, 1948. H.P. Moravec is a Senior Research Scientist with the Carnegie-Mellon University Robotics Institute. His long term interest is intelligent robots in outer space and he pursues interests in mobile robots, computer vision, supercomputers, robot manipulators, novel space travel schemes and computational models of physics. He has interests in computer animation and three-dimensional graphics, and has used produced illustrations and films presenting progress in the other work. His involvment with robotics began at an early age and during high school he won two science fair prizes. H. P. Moravec received his Ph.D. at Stanford University and since 1980 has been director of the CMU Mobile Robot Laboratory. He has published numerous articles and books (e.g. "Mind Children") and lives as Canadian citizen in the USA.

LIZ PHILLIPS born in New Jersey, USA, 1951. After having graduated Bennington College in 1973 L. Phillips has been involved with computer supported and interactive art. She had an amount of group and one-person exhibitions in Europe and the USA and was awarded with grants and commissions. L. Phillips lives in Astoria, NY.

SAM AUINGER born in Linz, A. S. Auinger realizes as a concept artist and in collaboration with Werner Pfeffer under the name "swap" artistic projects, e. g. "Music in 100 Informations" (Ars Electronica 1986), audio image exhibitions and theater music Since 1990 he collaborates with Bruce Odland for sound installations and he has written ballet music for Shelley Lee's Dance Company "Approximate Attachements". S. Auinger lives in Linz, A.

HARALD GEBHARTL born in Linz, A, 1957. H. Gebhartl lives as an active writer and director since 1979 and has collaborated with the theater Spielstatt, Leonding, A, since 1981. He was co-occupier and co-founder of Theater Phoenix in Linz and is autor of the following performed pieces: Musikal Banal, Strandzeit and Torquater Carlo. Besides he works as a director and performer. H. Gebhartl lives in Linz.

RAINER JESSL born in Linz, A, 1961. R. Jessl studied business management and sociology at the Linz university and is co-founder and member of Theater Phoenix in Linz, where he has worked with all Spielstatt and Theater Phoenix productions as lighting engineer since 1980. Besides R. Jessl is responsible for an amount of other theater, music and commercial presentations.

MARTINA KORNFEHL born in Linz, A, 1961. M. Kornfehl worked as an educator before starting her studies in set design at Mozarteum Salzburg. Since 1990 she works as a freelance set and costum designer with Theater Phoenix in Linz, where she lives.

FERDINAND ÖLLINGER. born in 1959. F. Öllinger is actor and co-founder of the theater Spielstatt, Leonding, A, as well as permanent member of Theater Phoenix, Linz.

FRANZ STÖGNER 'FLIEGER' born in Bad Ischl, A, 1965. F. Stögner studied at the Academy for Industrial and Artistic Design in Linz and has worked with Theater Phoenix as an artist and stage lighter since 1987. F. Stoegner took part on exhibitions all over Austria and lives in Linz.

GERD THALLER born in Linz, A. G. Thaller studied at the Academy for Industrial and Artistic Design in Linz from 1986 thru 1990 and took part on an amount of exhibitions e. g. in Hannover and Linz. G. Thaller collaborates with Theater Phoenix and lives in Linz.

FERNANDO TOMA born in Cologne, FRG. F. Toma is the inventor of skeleton projection technics and has been working with theater for 14 years as performance artist and artistic consultant. In Linz he collaborates with Theater Phoenix.

MARGOT PILZ born in Holland. M. Pilz grew up in Indonesia and graduated from the Institute for Graphic Training and Experimentation in Vienna, A. Since then she has been working in the fields of photography, object art, installation, video, computer and print arts in Vienna. She had numerous one-person and group exhibitions in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Scotland, Israel and the USA. She has received grants and awards and lives in Vienna.

MANFRED RIEPE born in Frankfurt/Main, FRG, 1960. M. Riepe works as a free lance journalist and studies German literature, philosophy and psychoanalysis in Berlin.

ERIK SAMAKH born in St. Georges de Didonne, F. E. Samakh is involved with electronic interactive art and has created numerous projects in this field. Since 1983 he has taken part on an amount of international exhibitions and has presented his interactive installations in Europe and Brasil. E. Samakh lives and works in Paris.

LEO SCHATZL born in Obernberg/Inn, A, 1958. L. Schatzl started his studies at the Academy for industrial and artistic Design in Linz in 1976. Since 1980 he has been involved intensively with film (S 8) and video. He was co-founder of numerous artists' projects and groups, e.g. the video cooperation CL.AR. (clip artists) together with Kurt Hennrich. In 1987 he graduated from the Academy and since then has worked as a free lance artist in Vienna. L. Schatzl took part on an amount of group exhibitions as well as he had numerous one-man shows in Europe and the USA (e.g. Wohnfreiheit in Linz 1982, 4 AEHREN OESTERREICH in Eindhoven, NL, 1988; NON, Vienna 1990). L. Schatzl has received wards and grants and lives in Vienna. His main work is involved with interdisciplinary installations, objects, painting, photography and video.

ROLAND SCHEIDL born in Zurich, CH, 1964. From 1975 to 1983 R. Scheidl attended the scientific High School in Innsbruck, A, and studied informatics at the Vienna Technical University from 1983 to 1990, focussing on graphic data processing and social consequences of information technology. Since 1988 he has been a guest student at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna, at the institute for communication science (Roy Ascott). Beside his own exhibitions, R. Scheidl also organized exhibitions and workshops in the field of computer art. R. Scheidl lives in Graz.

ROMAN SIGNER born in Appenzell, CH, 1938. R. Signer started an apprenticeship as radio engineer, worked in a factory producing steam pressure cookers and finally trained as a constructional designer. From 1959 to 1966 he worked as a constructional designer, in 1966 he attended the Zurich Kunstgewerbeschule. From 1971 to 1972 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. R. Signer lives in St. Gallen, CH.

LAETITIA de COMPIEGNE SONAMI L. de Compiegne Sonami has performed extensively at venues such as The Kitchen and Experimental Intermedia Foundation in New York City, San Francisco's New Performance Gallery, The Lab and others. She was commissioned to write a composition celebrating the bicentennial of the French revolution which was performed in Paris and Bordeaux. In 1990 she was artist-in-residence at STEIM, Amsterdam, and in 1989 she was invited to participate in an interarts collaboration with composer Robert Ashley, writer John Ashbery and sculptor John Chamberlain in La Napoule. F. Sonami studied at the Vincennes University's Analog and Digital Music Studio prior to moving to the USA in 1976. There she studied with Joel Chadabe, Robert Ashley and David Behrman. Sonami lives in …

STADTWERKSTATT TV STADTWERKSTATT is existing as a loose formation of artists and culture involved people since 1979. STADTWERKSTATT TV has emerged from numerous actions, film experiments and S 8 and video documentations. The essential aim is to use TV as a tool for art. Since 1986 STADTWERKSTATT TV has taken part on numerous events and made statements with certain activities. In 1990 they performed a six day live Art TV on Channel Public Access cable in Buffalo, NY. For Ars Electronica 1991 the project "Studio Obertreffling" has been conceived which should have been broadcast live from the military training area Obertreffling.

THOMAS LEHNER born in Linz, A, 1963. T Lehner is a member of Stadtwerkstatt Linz and has been working as a film author in the experimental and conventional fields. He is successful with his claim for using TV as an instrument for art instead of just reproducing art within the medium. T. Lehner lives as author, director and artist in Linz.

REINHARD JUD born in Wolfsberg, A, 1959. R. Jud is chief editor of the film magazine "Logbuch" and lives as a screen play writer in Vienna. Amongst others he wrote the screen play for "Mond in Cyam", "I love Vienna" and is co-author of "Legion der Perversen".

WOLFGANG LEHNER born in Linz, A, 1959. W. Lehner is an experimental filmmaker and media scientist and lives in Linz. He is cameraman and Rock 'n' Roll singer, his most important independent works are: "Vom Blickpunkt der Beschäftigung" (TV portrait on the artist Dietmar Brehm), "Legion der Perversen" (camera, co-author, co-director) and STADTWERKSTATT TV live in Buffalo 1990. Together with Thomas Lehner he has been commissioned to do the movie spot for Ars Electronica 1991.

GEORG RITTER born 1956. G. Ritter has been essentially involved with the building up of Stadtwerkstatt Linz and works within the fields of art and culture. He has taken part on an amount of mixed media projects together with other artists, e.g. with "Turm in Zeitspirale" (Danube Parc Linz), "Hotelevision" at the Austrian Film Days Wels, "Lichtkrach" Theater with Industry, "Automaten TV" at Ars Electronica 1989 and STADTWERKSTATT TV live in Buffalo, NY, in 1990.

KRISTINE STILES K. Stiles is an artist and historian who is committed to theory and practice as life praxis. She began work as a figurative painter and also has worked with processes of social engagement in conceptual installations and performative actions, Since the late 1970s she has been involved with experimental art, sociological art and with such alternative spaces as The Floating Museum and Twin Palms in San Francisco. She served as an assistant to Bruce Connor from 1975 to 1985 and collaborated in performances with Lynn Hershman and other artists. Since 1987 she began to collaborate on performances with African-American artist Sherman Fleming. Their work concentrates on issues of gender and race. She has exhibited in Europe and the USA and has published and lectured widely. K. Stiles is currently an assistant professor of art and history at Duke University, Durham, NC.

MANOS TSANGARIS born in Dusseldorf, FRG, 1956. M. Tsangaris studied percussion and composition at the Music College in Cologne and attended courses with the Academy of Fine Arts in Dusseldorf. In 1990 he got a music scholarship from the Kunstfonds Bonn e.V. Since 1979 he has written compositions which have been performed amongst others at the Hessischer Rundfunk, The Kitchen, NYC, and the National Concert Hall in Berlin. M. Tsangaris also works as a writer, his poems have been published in Cologne. He had exhibitions as a performer and artist in Cologne.

KATHE BE born in Eckernförde, FRG. After having worked as a mechanic salesman and milker K. Be discovered his much larger talent as an 'art multi' and media man. He lives as a film and theater actor and action performer in Berlin and New York City.

KAIN KARAWAHN born in Salzgitter, FRG, 1959. K. Karawahn studied economics and sports in Göttingen and lives as an artist in Berlin. Since his stay at Jamaica in 1980 he has been involved with photography and experiments with fire. Since 1983 he has been editing a postcard edition, then he also had his first performances as an action artist. He worked on film and video. In 1984 he promoted the fire action "The Berliner Summernightdream" at the Berlin wall. Besides that he presented before all fire objects, installations and collages in many exhibitions.

PAUL ETIENNE LINCOLN born in London 1959. From an early age P. E. Lincoln was encouraged to enjoy drinking with meals, then during his years studying sculpture at the Royal College of Art, he found drinking outside of meals was an equally preferable activity, although now drinking has become more a study than a practice, as a result of living and working in New York City drinks lure and attractions are unquestionably still the ultimate fuel for cultural invention.

OLIVER SCHNEIDER born in Limburg/Lahn, FRG, 1963. O. Schneider has been working with theater and video productions since 1978, e.g. for "Sich aber fühlen ist der Tod" in Frankfurt 1985 or the stageset for "El Cimaron" for the Ensemble Modern at Alte Oper Frankfurt in 1990. He also did the stage set for "HerzschMERZen" in Luxemburg, Brussels and Cologne. O. Schneider is a founding member of the group X 99 and has taken part on various exhibitions.

STILETTO STUDIOS born in Rüsselsheim, FRG, 1959. Stiletto studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dusseldorf sculpture and has worked since 1984 as a designer and artist. He took part on an amount of exhibitions, e.g. at Centre Pompidou in Paris, as well as in the USA. His objects are in the collections of the Museum of Crafts in Frankfurt and of the Vitra Museum at Weil am Rhein. Stiletto lives in Berlin.

RENA TANGENS In 1984 R. Tangens together with padeluun has founded Art d'Ameublement as a project and gallery and since then has done numerous exhibitions and activities at the gallery and in other places. In 1984 she received the video art award Marl for "TV d'Ameublement". In 1987 she took part on documenta 8 in Kassel with Art Service Association, in 1988 she was as an artist in residence in Canada. In 1989 she has founded //BIONIC MailBox and was with "Van Gogh TV" at Ars Electronica in Linz. In 1989 and 1990 R. Tangens took part on Ars Electronica with //BIONIC and at CeBIT in Hannover in 1991.

X 99 The group X 99 was founded in Cologne in 1986 by Joachim and Andreas Eckhardt, Isabel Hamm and Oliver Schneider. Since then they have worked in a former sugar factory as designers on an especially wide spectrum of furniture objects. They regard the common living, the confrontation with the others' work and the permanent exchange of inspiration as their creative motor. Beside the functional design of rooms and the design of furniture and ceramics the group takes part on various exhibitions and organizes projects on the field of design.

WERNER VOLLERT born in Schweinfurt, FRG, 1960. Beside his studies of art history and philosophy at University of Berlin since 1980 W. Vollert has been taking part on numerous exhibitions in Europe. His work in the collections of public museums in Germany. W. Vollert has received the Karl Hofer Award of the Academy for Arts in Berlin, where he lives.

JIM WHITING born in Paris, F, 1951. J. Whiting attended Queen Mary College in London from 1969 on and then studied at High Wycombe College of Art and St. Martin's School of Art. Since 1979 he has been living as a free lance artist in London and has presented his work in exhibitions and at various events. In 1984 J. Whiting produced the music video clip "Rock It" in cooperation with Herbie Hancock.

PETER ZEGVELD born in 1951. P. Zegveld graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam and has taken part on numerous exhibitions, e.g. in Amsterdam, The Hague and New York City. He has performed with theater pieces, concerts and performances and produced an amount of videos and films. P. Zegveld lives in Amsterdam.

Z'EV born in Los Angeles, CA. Z'EV attended California Institute of the Arts and studied Ethnomusicology and Critical Studies from 1969 thru 1970. In 1974 he began to play music again after years of involvement with visual and sonic poetries. In 1978 he started to produce work under the name of Z'EV and studied with Rav J. Winston and Rico loves. He cooperated with Performance artist Johanna Went in Los Angeles. In 1984 he settled in Amsterdam becoming a legal resident in 1985. He collaborated with a number of famous artists, e.g. Konrad Becker, Eugenia Rochas, Kain, Christine Koenig and others. In 1987 Z'EV performed as part of "La fura dels Baus" in Rotterdam and Amsterdam and began to collaborate with the "Bow Gamelan" of London. In 1990 he started collaboration with Genesis and Paula P.Orridges. Z'EV has currently performed in over 80 cities in 19 countries in very diverse contexts such as documenta 7, Basel Kunsthalle, the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, and others.