Ars Electronica 1988
Festival-Program 1988
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'Karl Gerbel Karl Gerbel

Karl Gerbel
Managing Director of LIVA

Seven times Ars Electronica within nine years. One might say that the child has grown up and even has some offspring. Modelled on Ars Electronica, festivals have been organized in Italy, France, the Netherlands, and in the Federal Republic of Germany.

We may consider ourselves pioneers – which is very honourable and encouraging and also constitutes a new challenge to remain innovative. At the same time, chances improve for joint projects on an international level: for the first time this year the "Video Scene America" and "Scherzophren" are being produced in cooperation with the Festival Arte Elettronica in Camerino/Italy and the project of Jon Hassell and Thomas Shannon in cooperation with the Sigma Festival in Bordeaux.

"The Art of the Scene" is the topic of Ars Electronica 1988. It implies a fusion of different disciplines of art. Composers, musicians, stage designers, video and filmmakers, choreographers and dancers have created joint projects for the Festival. This resulted in exciting developments, in most interesting concepts, and confrontations of strong and different personalities. The theater has found new ways of expression, modern technology offers new possibilities and dreams can now be realized on the stage, that had been conceived earlier but had not been feasible as exemplified by the Moholy-Nagy project.

With our series "Audio Scenes" we redeem the promise made last year: to constitute a venue annually for the sound artists, those artists on the borderline of the various disciplines. They are welcome to experiment here in Linz.

The Regional Studio of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF in Upper Austria complements the Festival with the Ars Electronica DAYS OF COMPUTER CULTURE and the Prix Ars, Electronica, an important forum for computer animation, graphics and music, documenting a rapidly expanding sphere of application of modern computer technology.
I want to thank most sincerely everyone having contributed to the realization of the projects, they are too many to be named individually.