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Rust – A German Material

'Herbert Schäfer Herbert Schäfer

Friday, September 24 through Friday, October 1, 1982
Austrian Radio—Regional Studio for Upper Austria, Franckstraße 2 a, Foyer
Zentralsparkasse-Zweigstelle Linz, Hauptplatz 32

Herbert Schäfer's works - rust objects, rust pictures, and cloth tableaux, works composed of tar, linen, earth substances, salt water, and iron sheets are characterized by his awareness of the constant repetition of destructive processes but also by his intense as well as sensually playful handling of the material of destruction. Schäfer presents lyrical rust", objects "enriched" with rust and rusty objects found by him.

Schäfer's predominant colour is a rusty brown, rust as a material and as a stimulus to the processes, memories and sensations in the observer. Besides this predominately used rust, Herbert Schäfer also employs other "material colours", such as tar, graphite, charcoal, flax, and lime. All these colours have, apart from their fuction as a colour, their strong definite character pertaining to the material from which they are made. They impart a message composed of their reflective and haptic properties, their origin as well as their potential for releasing association with reality.