Pixelspaces II


Friedrich von Borries (DE)
Armin Mohsen Daneshgar (AT)
Masuyama (JP)
Bruce Thomas (AU)

The aesthetics of 2-D flash animation have long since conquered the surfaces of our real world. Methods and strategies of contemporary architecture increasingly resemble those of computer games. We live in and with mixed realities, in the face of which experiential worlds, theme parks and D****lands visually amount to nothing more than antediluvian ghettos.
Game designers, exhibition architects and representatives of augmented or mixed reality present insights into and outlooks for gaming domains.

Coordination: Ars Electronica FutureLab

Pixelspaces II
18.00 Armin Mohsen Daneshgar/A
18.30 Bruce Thomas/AUS
19.30 Friedrich Borries/D
20.00 Masuyama/J

Friedrich von Borries/D. Architect, part of the group “rude architecture”; initiator of the “urban diaries” SMS-Project in Berlin; currently working on his PhD on the topic of the “active city”.

Armin Mohsen Daneshgar/A. Vienna based architect, whose modular, mobile designs involve many game-like concepts; lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna.

Masuyama/J. Media theorist, writer, professor, and producer of games for the Nintendo 64. Recently he created a virtual tour of Tokyo as a videogame.

Bruce Thomas/AUS.Professor at the Wearable Computer Lab in at the University of South Australia; developed a wearable AR System bringing the popular computergame Quake into a real outdoor environment.