Prix Ars Electronica


ORF Oberösterreich

In the computer animation category the jury found itself confronted with 116 entries from 88 artists, scientists and technicians from all over the world.

The Prix Ars Electronica 87 with the Golden Nica has been awarded to John Lasseter / PIXAR / San Rafael (USA) for "Luxo Jr."

This award is supported by the jury's conviction that "Luxo Jr." is undoubtedly the most perfect visual transposition of the given content of all entries, reaching a maximum of emotional interaction between the product and the spectator. At no single moment is the use of highly developed technical means visible, for the devices available for realization are used primarily for rendering a human product. The jury furthermore stated that the imagery created in "Luxo Jr." cannot at present be realized with any other medium than computer animation.

Besides the Golden Nica the jury has awarded two honorary mentions for computer animation. These were awarded to Rolf Herken / Mental Images/Berlin for the animation "Mental Images" and Mario Canali / Correnti Magnetiche / Milan for "Urbana".

The decision to award a honorary mention to "Mental Images" is supported by the jury's recognition of the excellent expression of the designer's creative fantasy. The team involved in the realization has successfully shaped a seemingly real course of action into an exciting voyage. The single sequences of action and images are combined in the spectator's mind into an unreal story with various possible associations and interpretations.

The honorary mention for the computer animation "Urbana" by Mario Canali is substantiated by the jury with the work's path breaking realization in the field of abstract art, enlarging the original forms of expression insofar as new elements of motion and relation to three-dimensional space are introduced. This result has been achieved in "Urbana" with relatively simple technical means, optimally exploited to their limits. The jury lays special emphasis in its statement on the successful integration of image and music.

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