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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Flavia Alman, Angelica Nascimento

Flavia Alman was born 1951 in Milan where she studied Film and Graphics. In 1973 and during the following years she had several exhibitions in local galleries as painter and sculptor. Since 1976 she has been working in video productions, spezializing in editing and postproduction. She realized her first animations using sculptures from lead chips bent to shape. With this technique she produced an animated documentary for the Museo Agricolo in Albairate (Milan). Since 1986 she has been interested in computer graphics. With her first computer animation "Radio Dramma" in 1987 she joined the Correnti Magnetiche group. Flavia Alman is the author of the following video animations: "Citazioni" (1987, 3rd prize at Truevision Art Contest, Atlanta, Georgia, 1988; Honorary Mention of U-Tape, Ferrara, 1988); "Cut and Escape", "Radio Taxi" (1988); "Puzzle Museum" (1989, Honorary Mention of Prix Ars Electronica 1989; the animation was bought by Centre Pompidou, Pans); "Photosynthesi" (with Angelica Nascimento, 1990).

Angelica Nascimento was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1959, where she graduated in Architecture in 1981. She received a scholarship from the Italian state and moved to Florence where she attended the Università Internazionale dell'Arte in 1982 and 1983. One year later, she transferred herself to Milan where she worked as graphics artist with various studios. In 1989, she joined Correnti Magnetiche and is co-author of "Photosynthesi".

A fairy-tale like little theatre, devoted to photosynthesis — a metamorphosis par excellence.

Starting from a circular uninterrupted landscape we see a manifestation of the solar principle, ever gaining new shapes and ever on the borderline between the symbol of "light" and the metaphor of "light". The flower, astrological symbol, a pot full of soil as the prototype of a womb, the sun, the moon, light, photons, prisms or a simple, dancing albedo, final aspect of matter in motion. The environment has gates, thresholds between two states: light and darkness, the known and the unknown. It is here the transition between heaven and earth takes place, the step beyond the cosmos, beyond the limitation of an individual situation. The means of transport is a flying carpet. The table on it recalls the common meal, the center. Its wood gives growth to new woods, death and resurrection, cycles of a cosmic evolution, but also communication between a world below into which the roots extend, and the sky that attracts the branches with its light.

Thus is created the virtual axis of the universe around which life revolves in dissolution and regeneration.

Technical Background

HW: Compaq 386/25
SW: Topas/Tips