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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

House II
Rajinder Chand

I prefer to keep boundaries suitably vague and this is evident in my treatment of video, text, graphics, sound etc. as valid media within some kind of media space; a media channel for the rapid depositing, sharing and accessing of information. In this way we are able to use digital technology more freely in a creative sense and push further our vague boundaries. Hypermedia offer the artist, as contributor and potential user, a journey of discovery and creativity with no beginning and no end. The users determine their own pathways through hypermedia works. Here there is little boundary between imaginative creativity and research and development.

In 'House II', the user makes an interactive journey through a hypermedia house. Within computer space there is simply a mass storage of information but visually the user is navigating his/her way around a house and thus metaphorically, the world and himself/herself. By using a mouse as input device to click upon sensitive areas of the screen the user can travel around the house. For instance, should he/she be faced with a view of the living room he/she may click upon the television set to switch it on or click on the windows to peek 'outside'. Clicking on the television set to accept live tv and looking out of the window become a look into television and advertising worlds. There are many objects within the house with which to interact but the choice rests solely with the user. There is intrigue as to the possibility of the house being inhabited and the fact that some of the objects within behave as they are expected to and some not. Each room acts as a metaphor for an adjoining and therefore related space and there are mechanisms for circumnavigating our physical restrictions of mobility allowing us to travel from one space to another in a way impossible in the physical world. (Rajinder Chand)