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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

The Messy Jesse Fiesta
Kevin Blechdom, Blevin Blectum , bLectum from bLechdom

The Messy Jesse Fiesta" is "dirty electronic" with humor - the work is a result of the collaboration between two artists with classical musical training.

Oakland, CA, usa: kevin bLechdom and bLevin bLectum from bLectum from bLechdom stumbled upon each other at a gig on halloween 1998. kevin and blevin intersected unintentionally while one faded out and the other faded in; at that moment something happened, both of their musics fit together in a way that made them look deep into each other's eyes and then they nodded.
bLectum and bLechdom began a weekly electronic music series in the basement of the mills college concert hall, called the gLobule. Here blectum learned the true joys of playing electronic music in a dusty, dank, occasionally wind-filled snaus-infested hole in the ground, accessed only via stolen key.
To overcome the foul environment, they drank some whiskey. this is how the "messy" part of the "messy jesse fiesta" came to be. they would play live with two loosely-synced rhythmic patterns, constantly having to reset the pattern and adjust the tempo. they reveled in their asynchronicity and un-MIDI confusion. Blectum was just playing music together any old way they wanted to. the messiest part is that bLevin's instruments used BPM to measure time and kevin's instruments used milliseconds to measure time, so they were always off a little, depending on their long division and quality of listening. bLectum's recorded music is highly dependent on their live performances. most of their songs are condensed versions of live shows. They would take a 30 minute live set and keep what they thought was essential and edit the song down to two or three minutes. And then use even smaller edits as source material in future performances.
Jesse is a character in Paul Morissey's movie "HEAT". (produced by Andy Warhol). She is one of kevin's favorite movie characters, and her voice is sampled on the "messy jesse fiesta". blevin has a favorite song by Jim Copp and Ed Brown, called "messy bess", telling the sad tale of a woman trapped in her own messy home, doomed to forever watch tv alone. The song goes "how 'bout jesse? worse than jesse! worse than tessy? hesse? jesse? messy messy bess!" and blectum used this song on a radio show, where they gave away a free trip to costa rica to anyone who could answer the question they would sing: "who was the messiest at the fiesta? bessy? jesse? tessy? or hesse?" because kevin needed a date to her aunt's wedding. but the competition was rigged. so that's the "jesse" part of the "messy jesse fiesta". and of course the "fiesta."

Sound sources used within "The Messy Jesse Fiesta" - recordings from inside a pig farm, tearing tree-bark and slapping leaves, broken beatnik banks, Orban testing procedures, Kramer howling like a wolf, home ecstasy experiments caught on video, found 24-track school projects at wrong speeds, disco banghra cassettes, Jad Fair making pig/monster sounds, drum machines, digital synths, original max/msp patches, peak and protools... frustrated musical theater enthusiasts at the stroke of midnight... all dissected, regurgitated, re-born, re-combined, by both blectums inside and outside of each blectum separately and simultaneously.