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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Pascal Dombis

My artwork consists of using computer generated fractal structures to integrate them into paintings. I use these pictures as starting points to elaborate a pictorial space in which I deal with different tensions: structure-destructure, balance-unbalance, simplicity-complexity. Once I have selected the image I am interested in, I scale it to the canvas size and print it on different sheets to cover it entirely. These printings are assembled with resins. I use rice paper sheets which allow me to play on transparency effects, strengthening this intermediate dimension-space notion. The transparency obtained allows me also to superpose different sheets of paper describing different states of the fractal structure. This creates a more dynamic and growing space. Hence my artwork aim is relatively classical, because it consists of exploring the pictorial space of the canvas.

I do not look forward to producing beautiful fractal images that can make the cover of scientific magazines. In my opinion, this anecdotal side of the fractal imagery shows very little interest from an artistic point of view. It seems to me more interesting to compose on more austere, more ambiguous fractal structures, yet still with a true potential of expression.
As far as my work is concerned, fractal forms allow me to create totally abstract geometric images without any figurative, gestural or illusionist implications, and that at a complexity level unreachable by man. They are also pieces of space that continue beyond the canvas frame. (Pascal Dombis)