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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

untitled #4 from the Heat Series
Mogens Jacobsen

Doing graphics on computer these days is really hard to justify. Everybody is doing computer graphics or desktop publishing. But I seek a form of computer images where the computer is not a replacement for pencils, brushes or spraycans. The computer has many things to offer the new artist: e. g. interactivity, communication, advanced information processing, new immersive technologies, simulations - and the ability to break down at just the worst possible moment.

As social and scientific trends change our view of reality, art must deal with these trends. A view of reality as a giant information-processing system has emerged in my time. Language (and art) are seen as systems of codes; a change in the understanding of mathematics as dealing with numbers, space or logic towards a new math dealing with information has evolved. The current popular tool for exploring information is the computer — so, of course, I work with computers, even though most computer generated graphic 'art' suffers from a very hostile ivory-tower-view of the world. Perhaps the media really is the message, but information and information processing systems play a major role in the forming of our society and should be carefully explored both by the artists using pencils and brushes as well as the artists using hard drives and chips.
(Mogens Jacobsen)