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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Generative Systeme - System 2
Sabine Mai, Frank Pröscholdt

The 'Generative Systems' project examines the development of parallel automatons in closed systems.

Every automaton is equipped with a number of basic functions. These contain instructions for specific interaction with other elements. That includes the perception of neighbouring fields (surroundings analysis), individual decision-making, and a number of possible actions for changing the environment.
The systems are depicted on the screen. Each pixel represents an automaton and shows its momentary position.
An automaton's sphere of influence comprises eight neighbouring fields. A system can include up to 81, 920 elements with overlapping fields of action which, over a period of time, act as a networked, integrated active complex.
Each automaton has a narrow radius of influence which spreads its influence in the course of time, thus affecting the whole configuration. The algorithms are deterministic, nothing is left to chance.
The object of this work is to operate a generative programming development. The systems are not conceived with a final state in mind; the arrangement and the knowledge acquired as a result serve as the basis for a renewed de construction of the algorithmic connections. In the process, the program complex is further varied and - if necessary - rebuilt from the ground up. (Sabine Mai/Frank Pröscholdt)