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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Espaces paradoxes
Patrick Ascione

By means of the simultaneous or successive perception of figured planes, paths and transmission poles in the air, a particular form of discourse can emerge.
The listener, putting himself at the point of the traditional 'sound mixing', becomes the active receiver of the oddly assorted elements of the piece, a kind of selective catalyst.
'Espaces Paradoxes' ('Paradox Spaces') gives an idea of a kind of art which makes it possible to set up and design the space of a location without leaving the projected image of a virtually added space in its place.

The distribution, movement and arrangement of sounds in space are designed and created in the studio - at the same time as the sound elements and phrases were created which refer to them.
In view of the fact that determining the spatial characteristics of the sounds (sound/space mixture) is an essential part of the act of the creative process in this piece, there is correspondingly no diffusion score and no management system - automated or otherwise -requested in advance for the space that follows the piece and that runs concurrently with it. All that is needed is a sound mixer. (Patrick Ascione)