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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

PLX - parallax of the game
Ryota Kuwakubo

„PLX“ is a competitive computer game machine for two persons. The machine consists of a double-sided LED display, push buttons and a microprocessor. There are four machines in the installation.
Each machine is designed symmetrically. It is played by two persons. Two players face each other sitting in front of either side of the machine, and compete for victory. The player moves the character, that appears on the right and left of the display by pressing buttons placed on the console.

Each display shows different game stories. There are four varieties of games:
1. Moon Landing Game. The player lands a space module on the moon dodging a monster s fiery breath.
2. Cupid Game. The player, as cupid, shoots arrows to pierce a descending heart.
3. Treasure Hunting Game. The player is a diver getting treasure sunk in the sea in which there is a bogy octopus spiting out poison fluid.
4. Dog Breeding Game. The player plays the role of dog breeder feeding bones to a dog running about.

Each game story is displayed by an array of blinking icons just like a/the LSI game, which was popular in the early 80s. The story and the rule of each game are quite simple and old-fashioned. What is special is the PLX combines different stories shown on both sides of its double-sided display, and makes two different stories go together.