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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

R111-the transformation of digital information to ananlog matter
Michael Saup, Supreme Particles

1666, Gottfried Leibniz published the book „Dissertatio de Arte Combinatoria“. In this work he aimed to reduce all reasoning and discovery to a combination of basic elements such as numbers, letters, sounds and colors. He then invented the binary system, the foundation of the digital universe, for him, 1 stood for god and 0 for the void.
1999, somewhere in America, a lump of coal is burned every time a book is ordered on-line, it takes about 1 pound of coal to create, package, store and move 2 megabytes of data, which is the equivalent of downloading 2 minutes of music from the internet.
Futurists have been promising us an information highway, not unit trains loaded with coal, fiber-optic cables, not 600-kilovolt power lines; but we re going to get both, all our fossil memory burns in order to fuel the digital fire.
„R111“ is an interactive installation. Energy-potentials are cannibalized off the internet and from the local movement of spectators in the physical space of „R111“. These energies are then transformed into various states of matter both physical and virtual and presented by the installation.
New media current tendencies are virtualizing reality. „R111“ on the contrary materializes virtuality: Choreographing particles of matter as though they were pixels.