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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Globe-Jungle Project
NHK Digital Stadium, Yasuhiro Suzuki

Half a century has passed since the globe-jungle first appeared. It can now be seen in most neighborhoods and all the Japanese have a memory of playing on it. Children become absorbed while playing on the globe-jungle: some turn it powerfully using their whole body, some cling onto the top, and some squat down inside. One day, an inspiration was born for this artwork from the globe-jungle when the silhouette of children playing on the globe-jungle appeared like continents: the circling shadows looked like a miniaturized Earth.

What if the children playing on this playground toy reappeared in the same place at night? What if this playground toy can also mean something to adults as well as to children? This kind of thinking gave this playground toy another perspective - the globe-jungle as a visual installation.


Images of children in the daytime appear on half of the Globe Jungle , and the park scenery filmed from inside the "Globe Jungle" on the counter half. This will appeal to people s common feelings as an interface linking two comparatively distant spectacles: day and night in a park, inside and outside a playground toy, and the viewers past and present. A nostalgic illusion is created by the use of the newest (latest) projection technology, the rotation of a primitive object, and the result of an afterimage on one 's retina. This unique dimensional sensation is new as well as old, and obscures the division between the usual and unusual, real and virtual - something which cannot be experienced on any existing screen today.