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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich


Lia’s pieces in the re:move series have been refining much of her earlier outputs in more focused pieces in the project Turux. It’s all, of course, about mathematics and geometry; it’s all about motion, time, and simplicity. It’s about creating complex interaction and generative audiovisual experiences, where the pieces are open to the inputs of the user: it’s about creating systems in which the control over the events is shared between the author and the user. Some pieces have already been described as “drawing machines” in the sense that they provide the user with fundamental tools for graphical manipulation, but this classification is oversimplistic, as all the pieces indeed provide the tools and the framework for elaborating the compositions but simultaneously do not allow for full control of the output since their dynamic nature makes them evolve and mutate and their presentation is void of operating instructions of any sort, leading the user to hands-on experimentation. By interacting with the pieces, human interference is added to the system: by selectively changing some of the variables that govern it and increasing the overall complexity of the audiovisual outputs generated to the point where surprising unpredictable compositions arise.
(Miguel Carvalhais, Decdmber 2002)