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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Au bout du fil
Jérôme Decock, Cécile de la Dreve , Olivier Lanerès , Mélina Milcent

A man has been projected, he was very surprised indeed, into universes made of his own dream.

What was interesting for us in this movie was to bring the audience into these environments, more eccentric than others, via the main character. Indeed each place in which he has been led contains his history, his partaking of real and unreal that reflects his tormented spirit. We have been working on transitions between these universes in order to catch the audience by surprise, like the film hero. The character madness is the only link to these worlds, the only continuing thread of his exploration. This thread is followed and suffered in going back to the source of his madness, which is consuming and imprisoning him. We wish to play with the audience in the same way as we did with our character and let the audience be intrigued about the issue.

This animation film, totally in 3D, has been achieved within two years in the framework of our studies. Together with learning the software, we have written the scenario. Then we have achieved a story-board and also a 2D animation from the story-board. This enabled us to obtain an idea of the rhythm, the cutting out and to place a first sound tape. We have improved these estimations, thanks to a 3D animation, before getting the final result. For the character, we have been inspired by the animation film The Sandman directed by Paul Berry. It is very important for us to have such a puny, strange man who seems to suffer from the event s weight. The characters of this short film were sculpted. We had taken our model from a very angular mother's face, to bring a worrying appearance to our character. Like our main character, we were interested in finding a disrupted aspect in the sets making appropriate allowances or playing with graphic metaphors.

We have above all referred to Tim Burton s movies and especially to his first short film Vincent or The Nightmare Before Christmas and also to some works from M.C. Escher that coincided perfectly with the idea of exploration. We have played on closed universes for external stages as well as internal ones in order to transpose as much as possible that the character was physically and mentally shut up.