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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Julien Alma, Laurent Hart

___Between reality and fantasmagoria ... ... video game or documentary___________

Borderland, a multimedia creation, offers a choice of real characters filmed in video and incrusted in photographic environments, a possibility to manipulate them, resumption of the recurring characteristics of the game: score, rounds, vitality, tournament... These characters, representative of a social and cultural reality, clash in deserted places, urban wastelands, post-industrialist no man's lands ...Thus the bricklayer, the neighbor of stage, the kid from the district take the place of traditional video game characters. They are the projection of our familiar universe in the symbolic space system of the video game world. It is a way to reappropriate a technological reality and to reposition it on a human, intimate scale. By situation reversal, the user becomes actor and takes part in the action. In Borderland the computer doesn't impose dream-like aesthetics, it looks at reality and interprets it into its own language: animated sequences images, repetitive music, library of images, texts, videos.

The program, through the prism of the fighting game, sets up an infinity of encounters, an urban parody of violence, always different, at the unstable border between game and reality.