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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Lisa Prah

Point of view is a powerful thing.Throughout history, it has just taken one person's point of view to radically alter lives and the course of history. It is point of view that defines a hero or a villain and motivates behavior. Great myths handed down through culture are dominated by characters whose actions are driven by their point of view. Shakespeare's plays are structured around characters with very strong views of the world. The result is sometimes a comedy, and sometimes a tragedy. As an artist, it has always been a personal challenge to express my own point of view. It is not easy, because it means discovering what is my own in a world full of images and ideas. It usually involves breaking conventions and creating new forms. My work as an artist and a writer centers on characters with a distinct point of view. The piece Bemadette, is loosely based on the character of St. Bernadette, who was reported to have visions, but not everyone believed her. Some thought she was holy, and others thought she was crazy. Ultimately, she was canonized a saint. I thought her story compelling, because the strength of her visions not only determined her fate, but directed the lives of others.

Bernadette is an interactive story (which I wrote), using digital video, video stills and text.The user navigates between two characters with very different points of view. The piece is a single user experience. A basic computer setup is all that is required: a CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse.