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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

CD Cécile
Kaffe Matthew

starting each show with no sound in her laptop, matthews samples from the crowd and the venue and the atmosphere, transforming, then occasionally weaving stabs and threads of mutilated violin into her crackling layers of processings as she goes.

this time it's a warehouse in london, a rock club in chicago and a converted spinning factory on a snowy sunday night with an audience of 400 in oslo. Before that one, she had just seen the sea frozen for the first time.
the work then is entirely live and improvised and gig specific, pulling on the uniqueness of each event to make a new piece.
CD Cécile pulls these events together into one object, with minimal editing, mixing and mastering done by km at annette works, londong. tracklDs within each piece are for the listener's use. they are not edit points.
Please refer to http://www.stalk.net/annetteworks for reviews, info on other releases and installations, calendar and pics.


matthews uses a wee powermac
5300cs (48megRAM) running LiSa,
a Peavey 1600 midi controller
a Boss SE70FXunig
a Behringer 8 channel 802 mixer.
a violin with pickup and specially
designed midi switches
2 x PZM microphones with
very long cables.