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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Ralf Wehowsky

I have always seen my pieces in a permanent state of flux—the releases as a current manifestation of ideas, which unfold, merge and collide with others in different ways before and afterwards. I have always used old material and completely reworked it.

Another aspect of my work refers to the question of “personal artistic identity.” I try to make a theme out of it by testing and developing different forms of collaboration.

Tulpas is a further exploration of these aspects of my work: the idea of each piece being a preliminary version from a process which can result in another version—or something completely different—as well as the idea of “my” pieces being an element in a continuous series of exchange (co)operations. (By the way: I see none of my tracks as a “realisation” of these ideas—each one is created from genuine musical/aesthetical needs, which interfere with the general conceptual obligations in many different ways.) For Tulpas I invited only artists whose work I admire and with whom I feel I have certain things in common. Of course all of them also have their own individual approach/methods of working, which are different from my own. Therefore I thought that using existing RLW tracks for the project would provoke an interesting exploration of these common and differing aspects. The approach and the results were left up to the participants—referencing the structure of an existing RLW composition, using its sounds, starting from the vision its atmosphere evoked, or “just” rearranging or remixing it …

CD 1 realises the basic idea with 7 interpretations of one peculiar composition, Nameless Victims, while CD 2 refers to a general idea of RLW; CD 3 relates to several actual aspects of my work, while CD 5 concentrates on fundamental issues of my earlier work and CD 4 spins out related conceptual dispositions.