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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Shohei Matsukawa, Fumio Matsumoto

“This book is a dream of other books.”
Michel Foucault

Spatial representation of information is proposed in the Ginga project, Global Information Network as Genomorphic Architecture, where metamorphic relationships in cyberspace are manifest in the form of an “Information-Scape”. Ginga is an interactive 3D browsing system based on a huge collection of digital information. Web resources are reconfigured with cyberspatial codes into Ginga and appear as any of the following 9 main Worlds: Nebula, Ring, Network, Forest, Strata, Text, Image, Polyphony, and Cemetery. Users can explore these Worlds with avatars (incarnations) which are personalized and controlled by users’ preferences. Users are expected to take full advantage of their “multiple other selves” for profound investigation and/or extensive research. It is also possible to exchange information with the avatars of other users and even invite them into your personal archives. Ginga has no static form, it can exists anywhere extended selves communicate.

Single User Model
Your computer will need viewing software to access the Ginga system and research its vast informationscape. The individual interface consists of three major functions: an editor, avatars and your personal archives. As you enter your research subjects into the editor’s dialogue box, a number of avatars will simultaneously begin to investigate the Worlds of Ginga. Your editor will classify the results and save what you need to your personal archives.

Multi User Model
The Ginga library is an electronic field where you can access officially published data as well as individually published information. Users can open their personal archives of “meta-data” to other users as an extension of Ginga. Your avatar may carry your personal information and a list of your personal archives and “exload” these to the avatars of other users. The functional boundary of Ginga can be extended as the cooperation of users increases.