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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

No Sex
Eric Coignoux

"No Sex" by Eric Coignoux is a fast moving film and a mix of video, graphics, rhythm and editing.

"Eric Coignoux is at it again. Following "Trashdance", the thundering, computer graphics version of "Flashdance", here comes "No Sex", the frenzied techno-summer, post-Aids electronic ballet featuring a beach warden and beach boys struggling with powerful erotic urges. In these times of abstinence, sadly, it is more prudent to keep one's base instincts under control, as our heroes willlearn to their cost. A seductive siren in a red bathing outfit evokesshamelessness and desire across the beach ... but she obstinately denies them herfavours. It would probably make more sense to be content with beach accessories -with buckets and spades, swimming tires, kites. No doubt it would be healthier togo fishing for mussels, oysters and starfish (equally exquisite vaginal symbols).

Along the way you will notice the impressive mastery of graphics and animation,the perfect mix of video and numerical techniques, the excellence of editing and rhythm (a skill seldom found in computer graphics artists), as well as the finely detailed painting. For beachboys only.
(Jean-Yves Barbichon)

No Sex

In realising "No Sex" I have tried to use new technology in a different way, without overdoing the special effects, using the computer as a simple, graphic, tactile means of expression. It lets me "mix" images from diverse sources (video, photos, drawings, typography ... ). I work in a different optical style than is usually associated with "computergraphics": the image is dirtied, the animation is jerky, the rhythm nervous andthe intention aggressive. The traditional narrative is sidelined in favour of anaudio-visual experience in rhythm and editing, with colour relationships makingsense of the images.

"No Sex" is a graphic and rhythmic investigation of themes such as communication / non-communication, frustration / desire, hate / love, adult / child, man /woman. The representation of the body is the central theme. The bodies are treated, distorted, trapped in the frame of the video screen where they can't get out.

The characters on the beach are mistreated, they desire each other, they play, shout, dance, start wars with each other, but in the end they are fighting invain. Communication will not take place.

Technical Background
HW/SW: Harry-Paintbox