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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

VVV - A Journey as an Exile
Manuel Schilcher

In "Journey as an Exile" by Manuel Schilcher, four artists present their work in four different frames and comment on the work of their partners. The expedition beginns with an Altavista search for the following sentence: "Travelling is useful, it boosts your imagination ..."

Art as Method

Explaining the world as it is or as it will be has become obsolete. If art thinks it can act as an intermediary for a new age it does not understand and explain to its audience what technology may be capable of, while merely splitting the field into glorification and distrust, then this only serves to show that art itself is incapable of using this very technology. These things need not be channeled into minds by the prescient; they exist without being initiated, emerge from themselves, from their contexts, and then disappear back into where they came from. It is not a question of replacing real reality with virtual reality, but rather of an expansion and especially of media-based, communicative self-administration. The project 'A Journey as an Exile' lends perceptions to its users, who may then use them to construct their own fields of associations.

With the assistance of all the necessary techniques of conditioning, 'Journey as an Exile' evolves into a search for a dialectical organization of provisional, partially existing realities. This search does not exclude chance, but rather 'rediscovers' it.

Participants use the various interpretations of material and situations to generate mutual impulses, which may be continued, abandoned or archived. The participantsÂą own impressions are filtered through the experience and perception of the others and placed in new contexts.

Missing Accomodation

On the constructs in our own heads and memories. The starting point for wanting to set out on a journey is not only missing accomodations, but also a lack of conformity. But inner thoughts and the ways in which they are intertwined lead to hesitation. The boundary and the abutment - both should be understood as heterotropes - are among the few points where communication with other travellers may be established. Perception, enabled by recollection and recognition, is shifted, destroyed and thus no longer comprehensible in our own minds.