Prix Ars Electronica


ORF Oberösterreich

The Golden Nica Award in Computer Graphics of Prix Ars Electronica 91 goes to the American artist Bill Woodard for his work " Having encountered Eve for the second time, Adam begins to speak".

The jury's decision is based upon the artistic qualities of the picture and not on the question of whether it could be viewed as a work created on a computer Bill Woodard complies with this criteria totally. The artistic and conceptual balance of the image matches the technical instruments used for creation, well. The qualities of surface manipulation,and the luminescence of colour design, the transparency, and the three-dimensionality the observer finds in Bill Woodard's work, cannot be achieved by any other means than computer technology. Thus, a new reality is created, a reality going beyond the language of traditional graphics and painting. The jury members were convinced that this image most convincingly expresses the state of the electronic arts at their most advanced and technical, and therefore unanimously awarded Bill Woodard the Golden Nica 91 Award.

Distinctions from Prix Ars Electronica 91 in Computer Graphics were awarded by the jury to the German, Arthur Schmidt for " Digitales Bild B-786" and to the Japanese Yoshiyuki Abe for "Innocent".

When considered together, both of the works represent a predominant movement within today's computer graphics, on a high quality level. "Innocent", in its almost sculptural quality and with its impressive light design, is an example of classical computer art. Arthur Schmidt's work comes out of the traditions of Tachism and Informal Art of the late 50's and 60's and represents the ongoing trend towards computer painting in which - unlike in traditional painting, - layers seamlessly blend into each other, creating a pure surface. It is a painting that cannot be painted.

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