I.L.V.O. – Santo Stino (Application)

Date: 2001


A CAVE application to visualize an international logistics center.

The I.L.V.O., a joint venture whose partners include the Austrian Federal Railways and Gruppo Lucefin, commissioned the Ars Electronica Futurelab to provide media support for the promotional campaign it was launching in conjunction with the construction of its new logistics center. For the visualization of the facility, which is essentially a gigantic warehouse, the Futurelab developed an application for the CAVE.

Through communication that is attuned to the needs of an international audience and independent of language, the environment uses integrated animation sequences depicting a variety of loading operations to illustrate how the facility functions and creates a realistic impression of the building’s extraordinary dimensions. This method gets across the proposed project’s facts, figures and dates in a way that is vivid and interesting, and thus makes a powerful impact.


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