Innovision Wall

Concept: Horst Hörtner
Christopher Lindinger
Gerfried Stocker
Date: 2004


Inscribe a message into the Ars Electronica Center’s digital guest book. “Innovision Wall” is the Information Age’s answer to the blackboard.

A tablet PC and digital camera make it possible for any visitor to the Museum of the Future to create his/her own personal entry on the Ars Electronica Center’s blackboard. The tablet PC’s intelligent screen lets visitors compose notes and pictograms and customize photos with scribbles.

These messages then appear in the form of Post-its and Polaroids on digital bulletin boards. The result is a colorful info-collage that reflects in highly personalized fashion visitors’ impressions of the Ars Electronica Center. The communiqués can evoke spontaneous reactions on the part of other visitors and thus bring forth new and individualized communicative phenomena.

The messages can be sent back and forth between Vienna and Linz or posted to Flickr.


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