Concept: Nataša Teofilovic
Date: 2007


s.h.e. plays with virtuality and reality. The borders between them begin to blur. Where does virtuality end and reality begin?

s.h.e. consists of five animated 3D characters that inhabit their own world, which the installation visitor can get a glimpse of on the monitors. At the same time, the five characters try to establish contact with human beings on the other side of the screens and to communicate with them.

The figures in “s.h.e.” overcome the boundary separating their virtual world from our real one. When they wander from monitor to monitor, they seem to traverse the real world that exists in the gaps between the screens.

Special software applications link up the five characters and coordinate their behavior. The installation’s soundscape intensifies the impression of being in a space in which collaborative action is occurring. The looks of the virtual figures are oriented on the artist’s own facial expressions, distinctive motions and gestures.

Project Credits
Djordje Feketic


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