Concept: Andrew Hieronymi
Date: 2006


Computer games suffer from a generally bad image: they’re said to turn kids into “desk potatoes” whose fingers are all that get a workout. “Move” takes a novel approach—it calls for agility and getting the player’s whole body into the game.

As soon as the player takes his place on the projection surface, the game begins. The object is to go through all six modules (jump, avoid, chase, throw, hide and collect) while evading the opposing graphic element. If the player collides with it, a sound announces that it’s Game Over. The degree of difficulty increases with each successive module. A camera system with object recognition capabilities serves as interface between the player and the game.

In contrast to other games, the player doesn’t see an avatar that represents him; instead, he interacts with the graphic elements himself. Since there’s no player-proxy, the action can’t be projected into a fictive realm.

With the friendly support of UCLA

Project Credits
Togo Kida


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