Forum I – Interactive Art               
03.09. 10:00-11:30


Forum I – Interactive Art               
Erkki Huhtamo (FI, US) Zachary Lieberman (US) Karin Ohlenschläger (ES, DE) James Powderly (US) Evan Roth (US) the agents of the G.R.L. (US)


The prize winners in the "Interactive Art" category:



Forum II  - Digital Musics               
03.09. 13:30-15:00


Forum II - Digital Musics               
Joe Colley (US) Naut Humon (US) Kaffee Matthews (UK) Eliane Radigue (FR) Annette Works (UK)


The prize winners in the "Digital Musics"category:



Forum III – Computer Animation / Visual Effects               
03.09. 16:30-18:00


Forum III – Computer Animation / Visual Effects               
Jun Awazu (JP) Jan Bitzer (DE) Ilija Brunck (DE) Mark Dippé (US) Daniel Nocke (DE) Tom Weber (DE)


The prize winners in the "Computer Animation / Visual Effects" category:



Commons & Communities
04.09. 10:30-17:00


Commons & Communities
Antoni Abad (ES) Silvana Lemos de Almeida (BR) Sonja Bettel (AT) Roman Bleichenbacher (CH) Michaela Braunreiter (AT) Wayne Clements (UK) exonemo (JP) Andreas Hirsch (AT) Paul Lukowicz (AT) Klaus Miesenberger (AT) Michael Stadler (AT) Manfred Tscheligi (AT) Eva Wohlgemuth (AT) Ina Zwerger (AT)


A themed collaboration of Ars Electronica and Ö1 matrix, curated by Sonja Bettel and Ina Zwerger

Forum IV - Digital Communities
Access to all areas

Monday, 4.9.2006: 10:30 AM - 01:30 PM

Communications technologies can provide access to information, expand the latitude of human action and bring people together. But they can also act as a hindrance. Incomprehensible menus, unergonomic keyboards, tiny typefaces, cryptic functions, the lack of platform diversity—the list of obstacles that make using technology more difficult or even impossible is a long one. How do the Internet and other technologies have to be set up so that all people—regardless of their physical and technical endowments—are able to enjoy unrestricted use? What’s preventing developers from implementing findings about usability and barrier-free design? Which new technologies can, in spite of their complexity—or, perhaps, precisely because of it—simplify everyday life?

Winners in the Prix Ars Electronica’s Digital Communities category present their projects and discuss accessibility and usability with experts in the field and those who are concerned with or disadvantaged by the absence of these qualities.

Moderation: Ina Zwerger, Sonja Bettel (Ö1 Matrix)
In cooperation with Ö1 Matrix

Antoni Abad - canal*ACCESSIBLE - Golden Nica - Roman Bleichenbacher

Andreas Hirsch (AT)
Antoni Abad (ES)
Roman Bleichenbacher (CH)
Silvana Lemos de Almeida (BR)

Table Talk

With: Klaus Miesenberger (AT),Institut Integriert Studieren / University of Linz; Paul Lukowicz (AT),Embedded Systems / University of Passau; Manfred Tscheligi (AT),CURE - Center for Usability Research & Engineering; Michaela Braunreiter (AT),MAIN; Antoni Abad (ES);

Forum V – Net Vision

Monday, 4.9.2006: 3 PM - 5 PM

The prize winners in the "Net Vision" category:

exonemo (JP) - The Road Movie - Golden Nica
Michael Stadler (AT) - Tsunami Harddisk Detector
Wayne Clements (UK) - un_wiki

Eva Wohlgemuth (Jury)
Exonemo (JP)
Michael Stadler (AT)
Wayne Clements (UK)


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