Ofelia da Silva Zaragoza Malheiros
Processing Image

Processing Images

“Processing Images” by Ofelia da Silva Zaragoza Malheiros is an attempt to teach the computer to see.
The project is based on and plays with the experimental power inherent in image processing. Images from a video camera are digitized and analyzed in real time, so that the computer can, for example, register a face and maneuver the camera in such a way that it follows the movements of a person standing in front of the computer. In the words of the artist: “Within the scope of image processing, a lot of experiments are possible, and a few of them produce surprisingly crazy results!” One example of this is the digitized difference between two images generated serially (with a relatively brief time interval between exposures) and then fed into the computer.
The project was realized within the framework of the Artist-in-Residence Program.

Ofelia da Silva Zaragoza Malheiros
Artist in Residence

Helmut Höllerl
Multimedia Design

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