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Gulliver’s Box

Mixed Reality installation with visitors live projected as 3D figures.

Gulliver’s Box is a result of the Ars Electronica Futurelab’s collaboration with Prof. Hirokazu Kato (Osaka University). With the Futurelab focusing increased attention over the last two years on Mixed Reality applications—including the technology to run them and their potential areas of utilization in artistic and scientific fields—an initial meeting with Kato was held in conjunction with Pixelspaces 2002, where he presented his work at a symposium. Then as well, he offered visitors to the OpenLab Exhibition the opportunity to try out Mixed Reality applications he had developed. Visitors’ positive experiences and reactions and the discussions triggered by the presentation ultimately gave rise to the idea of a joint project.
The developments that have been brought together in this installation represent the effort to pursue new approaches to dealing with Mixed Reality content. The challenge at the core of this project was to position an innovative medium somewhere between theater,
film and installation. The result is an infrastructure that offers artists new opportunities to convey audiovisual information, and one that ought to encourage creatives in every discipline to work with these new approaches. Seen from this perspective, the platform that has been created in this way generates an experimental laboratory situation for a broad spectrum of forms of artistic expression. With it, performances by dancers, singers or actors can be recorded, transferred to avatars, and enhanced with any kind of computer animation. The application on display in the Ars Electronica Center also provides visitors with the opportunity to customize recordings of their own actions and subsequently to undertake a very special process of self-reflection.

3D-Live System: Adrian David Cheok, Simon Prince, Dan Borthwick (SGP)
Supported by the funding of DSTA Singapore and the National Arts Council Singapore


Horst Hörtner
Senior Executive Developer

Nina Wenhart

Andreas Jalsovec
Project Manager

Christine Pilsl

Robert Praxmarer

Christopher Lindinger
Keyresearcher / Virtual Environments

Pascal Maresch
Content Management

Rudolf Hanl

Martin Honzik

Stefan Mittlböck-Jungwirth

Stefan Feldler

Wolfgang Ziegler

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