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The InnovisionBoard takes the idea of the blackboard and updates it for the Information Age. This media installation thrives on user-supplied content, and constitutes an attractive, dynamic platform for communication in the public sphere.

Tablet PCs and digital cameras are the input sources that integrate users into the process of playful information exchange. The intelligent user interfaces of tablet PCs make it possible to register handwritten notes and pictograms or to add scribbles to previously-taken snapshots. These messages then appear in the familiar form of Post-its and Polaroids on interlinked digital bulletin boards. For the individual visualizations, available options range from plasma screen to large-format projection display.
The result is a colorful info-collage that captures an event or simply a particular period of time and documents it in a highly personalized way. During the duration of the installation, the InnovisionBoard reflects the moods, attitudes and emotions of the participants. The communiqués evoke spontaneous reactions, whereby new and individual communicative phenomena repeatedly surface. The notices and snapshots are stored in memory so that the data and processes can later be reworked for documentary purposes.


Roland Haring

Horst Hörtner
Senior Executive Developer

Erwin Reitböck

Christian Naglhofer

Christopher Lindinger
Keyresearcher / Virtual Environments

Peter Freudling

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