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The ARSBOX is the centerpiece of the presentation and research equipment installed at the Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society.

To optimize its function, the entire system has been architecturally integrated into the facility’s spatial concept. One entire wall can be used as a projection surface for presentations. A graphic user interface running on a wireless handheld PC (Palmist Project) makes it possible to control a broad spectrum of content from any position in the room. In this way, a presentation can be custom-assembled from a wide variety of media such as PowerPoint presentations, videos and 3-D applications.
Particularly in the context of the university’s ICT&S program, which will focus on the interrelationships between information and communication technologies and society, this infrastructure set-up also provides the ideal prerequisites for specific research undertakings like usability studies.

In addition to the installation of the infrastructure, the Ars Electronica Futurelab also created a virtual information platform consistent with the innovative character of the client that commissioned it. Information on the new ICT&S program, the history of the building, the department’s organizational structure as well as documentation of its current projects are depicted three-dimensionally in walk.in.formation. Users can navigate through a digital model of the facility and access relevant information in the form of integrated videos, texts and graphics at corresponding locations.


Andreas Jalsovec
Concept and Development

Horst Hörtner
Senior Executive Developer

Florian Berger
Software Development

Reinhold Bidner

Peter Freudling
Project Manager

Christopher Lindinger
Keyresearcher / Virtual Environments

Robert Praxmarer
Software Development

Nina Wenhart

Wolfgang Ziegler
Software Development

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