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Advanced Virtual Reality system based on commodity hardware.

The ARS BOX is a projection based Virtual Reality (VR) system that has been developed for flexible presentation tasks and deals with a variety of functions.
Based on commodity hardware, it significantly reduces the time and money needed to develop and present Immersive Virtual Environment (IVE) applications while simultaneously expanding the options available compared to similar systems. A handheld PC serves as its interaction interface, making possible numerous innovative applications.The ARS BOX enables installations of one PC (single display) up to 64 PCs (multi display) supporting one display each, passive or active stereo optional.

During Siggraph 2002 we presented a version of three displays which can be independently controlled. The size of the screen depends on the available space and the projectors.

The Palmist allows the user to organize the content of his presentation by selecting between VR applications, PowerPoint, slideshow and video. Every task can be displayed by each of the walls, for VR applications you have the choice between one, two or three walls. The selection is done by a simple “point and drag” application on the Palmist. Furthermore the user can use the Palmist to control the surrounding environment parameters at runtime, e.g. the setting of the audio system for the IVE (peak level, etc.) or the brightness and contrast of the projectors, etc. The Palmist allows to direct the content from any location within the area via wireless connection.


Horst Hörtner
Senior Executive Developer

Andreas Jalsovec

Christopher Lindinger
Keyresearcher / Virtual Environments

Robert Praxmarer

Peter Freudling

Andreas Riedler

Stefan Mittlböck-Jungwirth

Florian Berger

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