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The Ars Electronica Futurelab implements two multimedia projects for the new Bavaria Bohemia Center in Schönsee.

The German province of Bavaria and the Czech Republic have a common border, shared historical roots and similar ways of life. Something else they have in common is membership in the European Union, an affiliation that is helping to bring people together from both sides of a boundary that had kept them apart for many decades.

The mission of the Bavaria Bohemia Center is to nurture the process of growing together in this cultural region, and to highlight this with a special exhibition. The Ars Electronica Futurelab produced a 3D stereo video film that brings out the good neighborly relations between the Germans and the Czechs.

The film begins by panning in from outer space to establish the region in the proper perspective. This dramatic shot is followed by sequences that go more deeply into the issues associated with the theme, and also take a slightly ironic approach to it. Images of the Czech Republic and Bavaria are assembled into a montage, juxtaposed, and enhanced with animated graphic elements. The film seeks to make viewers cognizant of these people’s shared passions like football, as well as characteristics they might not know they even have in common, such as specific regional verbal expressions.

In addition to this film, the Ars Electronica Futurelab’s Librovision project has been adapted to the cultural center’s special needs and specific content. Librovision provides exhibition visitors with an innovative way to access information about the cultural center and the region.

The new Bavaria Bohemia Center in Schönsee has been designed to inspire good neighborly relations between Germans and Czechs and to serve as the region’s first cross-border cultural facility. Its program will focus on the regional culture, and feature exhibitions, speeches, workshops and language courses.

Stefan Schilcher

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