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An installation as a walk-through negative image of an object that exists exclusively as a virtual process; executed in conjunction with the Artist-in-Residence Program.

An installation as a walk-through negative impression of an object that exists solely as a virtual process. The experience of space is produced and shaped in tandem by the persons actually present at the installation venue together with those accessing it via the Internet. Real space is expanded by abstract dimensions from the Internet; conversely, aspects of physical existence such as proportionality and transience are applied to virtual space. Ars Electronica presents a prototype of this installation conceived for a public, urban context. The walk-through prototype demonstrates two of the planned 24 movable elements. It presents various possibilities of interaction either via a monitor or through direct touch by visitors.

A cooperation of ESCAPE*shHERE, Ars Electronica Futurelab and Dipl. Ing. Thomas Koch, Wien.
Supported by: .KUNST Bundeskanzleramt, Firma Festo, Metallbau Treiber, Tripan Leichtbauteile, Werkraum Wien, Institut für Fördertechnik - Technische Universität Wien


Barbara Imhof
Artist in Residence

Sandrine von Klot
Artist in Residence

Robert Abt
Keyresearcher / Software Development

Volker Christian

Gerald Kogler

Pascal Maresch
Project Management

Iris Mayr

Dietmar Offenhuber
Keyresearcher / Interactive Spaces

Robert Praxmarer

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