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Phantom – Virtual Sculpturing

In this installation dealing with “haptic interfaces,” virtual objects can be felt and manipulated by means of an augmented reality display.

Haptic interfaces bring virtual worlds close enough to “touch.” They enable users to feel structures and surfaces that exist only in the computer. In tandem with special software, they make it possible to palpably simulate not only the form of a virtual object but also its material characteristics. With Virtual Sculpturing, anyone can design computer models in any form their imagination can conceive, and do so even without specialized background knowledge. The “sculptor” holds in his hand a wand connected to the interface by a flexible cable. With this tool, he can form the model, whereby the degree of physical firmness of the material can be felt as mechanical resistance to the wand. The installation illustrates the possibilities afforded by the combination of haptic interfaces, intelligent software and projection techniques. Through what amounts to physically penetrating the boundaries of virtual space, working on VR models becomes an intuitive and intensive experience.


Peter Freudling

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