Virtual Sculpturing


Peter Freudling
Westcam Datentechnik GmbH

The development of haptic interfaces has placed virtual worlds within reach. With "Virtual Sculpturing", computer models can be created according to one's own design concepts.

The haptic interfaces make it possible to feel structures and surfaces that exist solely in the computer. In conjunction with special software, not only the form of a virtual object but also its material characteristics can be tangibly simulated.

With "Virtual Sculpturing", everyone—including those with no special background knowledge—can create computer models according to their own design concepts. The "sculptor" manipulates a wand that is linked to a computer interface. This can be used to form the model, whereby the firmness of the material can be perceived as mechanical resistance to the wand.

The installation illustrates the possibilities that result from a combination of haptic interfaces, intelligent software and projection techniques. Through the physical entry into virtual space, the work on VR models becomes an intensive, intuitive experience.

Supported by Sensable Technologies.

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