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A portable linear recording studio featuring full editing capabilities on a handheld PC.

The use of XEDIT on an IPAQ as a mobile digital audio studio means a revolution for the entire field of broadcast journalism. Preparing reporters’ copy previously involved many individual steps (recording, digitizing, editing, etc.) done at different locations, but journalists using XEDIT can completely process their reports themselves and submit them directly in digital form.

The IPAQ’s built-in microphone (or the line-in features on upgraded models) can record audio signals and store them in digital form (.wav format). These audio data are then ready for immediate digital post-processing. XEDIT makes available a wide range of functions such as cutting, defining marker positions and moving the recording head with sampling-quality precision. A separate soundtrack makes possible professional post-processing of interviews.


Wolfgang Ziegler
Software Development

Erwin Reitböck

Carlos Andreas Rocha
Software Development

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