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Prix Ars Electroncia 2006: The Results
  Prix Ars Electroncia 2006: The Results

3,177 entries — the Prix Ars Electronica attracted a record number of submissions once again this year.

A total of €117,500 in prize money is being awarded to the winners.

press kit (pdf / 445 KB)
photo: Abenteuer-Arbeitsweg (Golden Nica u19-freestyle computing) (jpg / 1.3 MB)
source: Krmpf Krmpf Studios
photo: CAFARD (Honorary Mention Computer Animation / Visual Effects) (jpg / 1.2 MB)
source: Leonard, Marques, Jacamon / Supinfocom
photo: february sessions (Honorary Mention Digital Musics) (jpg / 1.2 MB)
source: Kensuke, Fukushima, Suzuki
photo: Kein Platz für Gerold (Award of Distinction Computer Animation / Visual Effects) (jpg / 1.6 MB)
source: Daniel Nocke
photo: YOKOMONO (Honorary Mention Digital Musics) (jpg / 1.6 MB)
source: staalplaat soundsystem
photo: The Messenger (Golden Nica Interactive Art) (jpg / 1.7 MB)
source: Paul DeMarinis
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