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Festival Ars Electronica 2006: SIMPLICITY - the art of complexity
  Festival Ars Electronica 2006: SIMPLICITY - the art of complexity

Our world’s increasing complexity and its tension-filled interplay with our own growing need for a comprehensive, comprehensible overview of the world will occupy the focal point of attention at Ars Electronica this year.

A feature-packed lineup of events, conferences, symposia, exhibitions and performances will provide a detailed and comprehensive view of the state of the art of global media culture.

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source: Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Vegetable Weapon: Saury fish ball hot pot / Tokyo, 2001. Courtesy: Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo.
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source: Nicole Knauer
image: The messenger (jpg / 1.2 MB)
source: Paul DeMarinis
source: Ars Electronica Futurelab
image: PingPongPixel (jpg / 1.2 MB)
source: Marenka Deenstra (NL), Jonathan den Breejen (NL)
image: Idle Running (jpg / 1.2 MB)
source: Kristian Simolin and Pauli Laine
Morphovision (jpg / 2 MB)
source: Toshio Iwai + NHK STRL
image: Sonic Bed_London (jpg / 1.5 MB)
source: Kaffe Matthews / Annette Works
image: Animaatiokone (jpg / 1.1 MB)
source: Hämäläinen / Lindholm / Nykänen
image: Interface Culture (jpg / 900 KB)
source: Christa Sommerer
image: The Cell Atlantic CellBooth (jpg / 1 MB)
source: Jenny Chowdhury
image: Le Sacre du Printemps (jpg / 760 KB)
source: Klaus Obermayer
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