The task: creating exhibition architecture to be used only for a nine-day festival. The big question: Doesn’t repairing the world call for an aesthetic paradigm shift too? The simple answer: the papplab principle. To make exhibition architecture, fold cardboard (Papp in German) cartons and add adhesive tape. A product that, in the world of commerce, is merely packaging and thus of secondary importance becomes a key material serving countless functions: walls, tables, benches and chill-out zones. Folks, we’re not just talking about paper cups and plates here; the whole damn hospitality establishment is being constructed of these materials—over 2½ acres of cardboard and miles of adhesive tape. The aim: building in a way that is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, experimental and light. And in the spirit of audience participation, installation visitors are invited to build their own repair tools either in a workshop or simply as an act of ad lib creativity.

A cooperation of o-werk und mia.
o-werk: Stefan Hofer (AT), Kai M aier-Rothe (AT), Peter Luger (AT), Gigi Gratt (AT), Mods Flotzinger (AT), Tom Latzel (AT) & Wodo Gratt (AT)
mia: Sandra Gnigler (AT), Tobias Hagleitner (AT) & Gunar Wilhelm (AT)

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