Zum Aus-der-Krise-Fahren

2. 9. – 7. 9.

OTELO, the open technology laboratory in Gmunden and Vöcklabruck, BFI production workshops in Wels and Steyr, and Specialbikes, the professional tinkerer’s shop for bicycle electrification run by Hermann Kranawetter in Gmunden, have banded together for this cycling workshop. They show how to use intact components from old bikes to build new ones. They can install electric drive equipment, or they’ll pimp your ride by setting you up with POV (persistence of vision) blinking LED spokes that turn your wheels into displays. Frivolous plaything? Perhaps, but above all it’s a high-visibility signal for a new culture of repair. OTELO will also be showcasing another gadget for climate repair: the Solar Cooker developed in cooperation with EG Solar in Altötting, Germany.

A ccoperation by: BFI Produktionsschule Wels and Steyr, OTELO-Verein „Offenes Technologie Labor“, specialbikes.at, IEW-Initiative Eine Welt and EG-SOLAR e.V.


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