TELE-INTERNET – The 2010 Ars Electronica Internet Shop!

Digital Communities 2010, curated by Aram Bartholl

The Digital Communities area TELE-INTERNET is an organically growing structure, a hacker space, a conference, a stage, an exhibition, a BarCamp, Commune 0/1, and a site for anyone who’s interested in discussing the development of the internet, exchanging ideas, and presenting their own projects. The Ars Electronica audience is invited to take the plunge and join the fun, to contribute to the discussion of the social web, or to chill out on the couch with a clubmate and a notebook.
The program includes talks, presentations, discussions, panels, work in progress, meetings, workshops, screenings and much more. Get additional information about the dynamically changing program in the web or follow them on twitter!

Detailed Program: (hashtag #aecdc)

The participants:

CCC Tim Pritlove (UK) a.o.
Map Kibera Mikel Maron (US)
#unibrennt cloud institute for science and technology ars (ISTA) of unibrennt (AT) with
CBA – Cultural Broadcasting Archive Ingo Leindecker (AT) & Thomas Diesenreiter (AT)
MakerBot Industries Bre Pettis (US)
The Tor Project Andreas Lehner (DE)
Web2.0 suicide machine moddr_ [Walter Langelaar (NL), Gordan Savicic (AT), Danja Vasiliev (RU)]
A Golden Era – the making and unmaking of Piratbyrån Golden bus + archive (SE) 2003-2010
Arse Electronica Talk by monochrom / Johannes Grenzfurthner (AT)
Artzilla Skate the web! workshops and contests Tobias Leingruber (DE) 2010
DIASPORA Maxwell Salzberg (US)
Digital Folklore Olia Lialina (RU) & Dragan Espenschied (DE) 2009
F.A.T. Lab: Free Art & Technology Lab: Cloud services Jamie Wilkinson (US)
Firewall Ball Johannes P Osterhoff (DE) 2010
Flattr social micropayment platform,
Peter Sunde (SE)
Metalab Squad of Awesome, official delegation from the Viennese hackerspace (AT)
My last Ars live gif mashup – VJ set, Evan Roth (US) 2010
OpenActa / AFI Geraldine Juarez (MX),
Star Wars Uncut Casey Pugh (US)
Superbertram Georg Schütz (AT) 2007-2010
Telecomix A sociocyphernetic jellyfish cluster (SE)
Thumbing & FolkSomy.vj JODI (NL/BE) 2010,
Trail Blazers Theo Seemann & Beautiful Zeros and Ugly Ones, Merz Akademie(DE) 2010

Plus BOSCO-Uganda, ceibalJAM!, CulturaDigital.Br, FixMyStreet, Kloop, Puncar Action!, Sourcemap, TEDtoChina and many many more!

Curator: Aram Bartholl. Assistance: Inga Seidler, Jügen Höbarth

All Rights Reserved, 2010.
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