Body & Soul Factory

More and more people are becoming aware of and interested in a holistic approach to health to supplement the classic means of repair used in Western medicine. How do we repair ourselves? How do we maintain our wholeness and health in a comprehensive way? The Body & Soul Factory seeks to blend spirituality and science, medicine and alternative approaches to healing, and offers visitors a personalized REPAIR program during the Ars Electronica Festival.

Detailed Program as download.

Repair yourself
2. 9. – 7. 9
Shiatsu, coaching, shamanic counseling, physiotherapy, cranio-sacral integration, massage, energy treatments, kinesiology, lomilomi, sound massages and much more.
You can make reservations for individual “repair yourself” sessions beginning September 1, 2010 by calling 0699-177 81 560 on the day before the session or on site in the Infolounge.

Group repair
2. 9. – 7. 9
Yoga, energy balance, sound journeys, shamanic journeys, systemic configurations, mini-workshops… see detailed program.

Rescue repair
2. 9. – 7. 9 16:00 – 18:00
15-minute program for stressed-out Ars visitors—all Ars Electronica Pass holders are entitled to one treatment free of charge.

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