Body & Soul Factory

More and more people are becoming aware of and interested in a holistic approach to health to supplement the classic means of repair used in Western medicine. How do we repair ourselves? How do we maintain our wholeness and health in a comprehensive way? The Body & Soul Factory seeks to blend spirituality and science, medicine and alternative approaches to healing, and offers visitors a personalized REPAIR program during the Ars Electronica Festival.

Detailed Program as download.

Repair yourself
2. 9. – 7. 9
Shiatsu, coaching, shamanic counseling, physiotherapy, cranio-sacral integration, massage, energy treatments, kinesiology, lomilomi, sound massages and much more.
You can make reservations for individual “repair yourself” sessions beginning September 1, 2010 by calling 0699-177 81 560 on the day before the session or on site in the Infolounge.

Group repair
2. 9. – 7. 9
Yoga, energy balance, sound journeys, shamanic journeys, systemic configurations, mini-workshops… see detailed program.

Rescue repair
2. 9. – 7. 9 16:00 – 18:00
15-minute program for stressed-out Ars visitors—all Ars Electronica Pass holders are entitled to one treatment free of charge.

Eva Gütlinger (AT) und Birgit Kaps (AT)

Kalle Laar – Symphony for broken speakers

2.9. – 7.9. Bau 1 OG 5 Abteilungsleiterraum

In his second installation, Kalle Laar deals with the festival theme, REPAIR, since, the way he sees it, kaput technology has the right to live on in dignity. Instead of disposing of his loudspeakers—that can no longer meet the standards demanded by a sound artist—they become members of his ensemble, contributing their own inimitable qualities to the interpretation of “defective” classic and electronic sounds.

A project from artcircolo in cooperation with pilotraum01
Curators: Serafine Lindemann (DE) and Christian Schoen (DE)

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