The Destruction of the Ego

Tove Kjellmark (SE)
2. 9. – 7. 9.

The Destruction of the Ego is a one-foot tall toy robot enlarged to a more than three meter tall giant, which still has the same features as the small original. It laughs hysterically, like a child that is tickled out of its mind, it falls on the floor in convulsions, and rises up on its feet again. Tove Kjellmark uses the machine to reveal our fears of losing control and human weaknesses. A machine is designed to function perfectly, it is materialized control. In this way The Destruction of the Ego also reflects on the relation between man and machine.

Thanks to Bengt Sjölén, Jens Lind, Daniel Eng, Johannes Gross, A ndrea Hvistendahl, Lars Hässler

All Rights Reserved, 2010.
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